5 updates worth checking out

  • Interview Street, the startup that helps companies recruit by holding programming contests called CodeSprints, is doing something a little different this week — it’s holding a CodeSprint for 13 different startups, all backed bySequoia Capital. I really like what this start up is doing and definitely one to watch. Would love to see something like this happening for the digitial start ups in the likes of our own Digital Hub here in Dublin. I bet you the bigger multi-nationals would also take a keen interest. The company even did a CodeSprint with the White House, and it’s working on a second.
  • From 0 to a billion in 17 mths, cool infograph that tells the story, here
  • Collusion. Firefox plugin allows you to see all the third parties that are tracking your movements across the Web.
  • Google Glasses and the myth of augmented reality
  • Did you notice that the Google Android Store has dissappeared and is now Google Play, learn more with the below video and here

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