Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter

So now that you’ve got the hang of baisc sourcing techniques and have begun to master search engines and Boolean logic from our CIR course we now will bring your sourcing and understanding of technology to make you a better sourcer to a new level.

The content of the Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter, includes:

  • The Semantic Web: What is the semantic web, how to search in Google and Bing using semantic techniques and the differences in modifiers between both engines.
  • Getting the most from LinkedIn – This section looks at the LinkedIn Recruiter product and also LinkedIn Groups. We also look in detail at how to “pimp” your LinkedIn profile to get the very most of it (and we discuss how your hiring managers for in-house recruiters should also be shown and encouraged to do the same).
  • Facebook and Twitter Sourcing – Here we take a look at how to source from Facebook and Twitter
  • URL deconstruction: At this part of the course we look at why it is important to understand how a URL is working and how to manipulate URLs to aggregate information and provide feeds into your dashboard. We also look at the importance of RSS.
  • Email Scraping: When you don’t have someone’s email address it can be hard to contact them. This section dives into how to find email addresses and then validate them.
  • Custom Search Engines – Creating your own search engine index can be a very efficient way of sourcing. We show you how to do it.
  • The Future - ”What you don’t know, will hurt you” – This is a look at some of the latest tools and trends you need to be aware of to stay ahead of the technology curve. We dive into “Big Data”, “Social Search”, “Social Referrals”, “Mobile Recruitment” and much more


You will have to do a 30 minute multi choice test at the end which you need to get a pass mark of 60% before you can use the following logo and say you are an advanced certified internet recruiter!

This the logo that all that pass the test can use.


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