Recruitment Ads from World War 1 + 2 at L’Hotel national des Invalides

Hi folks, after a small absence of blogging, due to a well over due long holiday which involved a bit of rambling around Holland, Belgium and Paris for approx 4 weeks I’m back in Ireland and blogging again. I think this is the longest break I’ve ever had blogging since...

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Top 10 you don’t want to miss

Bing gets a social updrade, here, also excellent article comparing it with google’s social search, here 10 great adword tips to boost your conversion, here Have you checked out Google drive, here Top 20 social media IPOs, here Really cool idea of donating Twitter characters, here Congratulations to A&L for...

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5 bullet points catching my attention

Sharing Trends in 2011 , here,  check out this very interesting infograph and blog post from the folk at  makers of the popular widget ‘AddThis’. Very interesting to see Tumblr doing so well and Google’s sharing droping 8% despite the prolifertion of the the +1 button.  Most interesting of all is sharing via...

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