Certified Internet Recruiter 2.0

The certified internet recruiter course has been running for 3 years. It is Ireland’s first and most comprehensive proactive sourcing training course in Ireland that always keeps up to date with the latest sourcing techniques from around the world. The course is designed to teach recruiters what technologies, tools and techniques to use when driving a proactive sourcing model.

The course runs from 10am to 4pm and has a 30 minute online multi-choice exam at the end that all participants need to have a 60%+ pass mark to say they are a certified internet recruiter with Irish Recruiters.

The content of the course is:

  • Tools: This sections looks at what browsers to use when sourcing, what tool bars to consider and how to set up a dashboard to make you as organized and effective as possible.
  • Search Engine Theory: We dive into the world of bots, scrapers, robots, indices and how search engines work.
  • Boolean: We start slowly learning to search using classic Boolean techniques that can be used in search engines like Google and Bing, but also on Monster or LinkedIn, or whatever Applicant Tracking System is being used in your company. We then look at some world class Boolean string development used in some of the top IT companies in the world. This section is highly discursive amongst the participants and there is a lot of hands on exercises with plenty of sharing of what strings each of the participants are experimenting with.
  • Creative Boolean: Here we look at how to x-ray and flip a server. This section is a hands on exercise section where we work off live requisitions that the participants take to the class to see what passive candidates we can find for their current open roles, so they can leave the class with some leads to work with when they get back to their desk.
  • International: A lot of recruiters need to search across the Europe and the world for talent. This module in the course is dedicated to exploring what are the best techniques to use when searching for candidates in different languages and across different countries.
  • Creative Sourcing: The end module looks at some world class creative techniques to generate company target lists as well as some creative Booleans strings to source bio information.


The course has been taken by over 200 recruiters in Ireland for companies such as: “Osborne Recruitment, Lotus Works, Brightwater, Accreate, HR Synergy, CPL Healthcare, Cotter Personnel, Matheson Ormsby Prentice, Hays, Concern, Boston Scientific, AOL, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Harvey Nash, Sligo Institute of Technology, Raretec, Lincoln, Dalriada, Grafton Recruitment, Enterprise People, Blue Print Appointments,  Intel, Hertz, We Localise, Accpro, Mergon, Celestica, Sigmar, PublicJobs.ie, GSK, TTM, Sabeo Contracting Services, Johnson and Johnson, Arithon, Citco, CPP Recruitment, Shannon Engineering and Deloitte”

This the logo that all that pass the test can use is:


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