A big thank you for the sponsors of Irish Recruiters for the 2012 calendar of event

  1. Monster.ie | website: http://www.monster.ie
  2. Arithon | website: http://www.arithon.ie/
  3. Prima | web site: http://www.prima.ie/
  4. Career Zoo | web site: http://www.careerzoo.ie/
  5. Google | seriously do we need to give an address :)
  6. Great Places to Workhttp://greatplacetowork.ie/
  7. Deloittehttp://deloitte.ie/

We have a number of packages for sponsors to help you promote your brand. We offer the following packages:

  • Promotion of your brand to more than 2500 recruitment professionals across Ireland
  • You can distribute collateral at our events and to bring members of your own team, customers and partners
  • You get 10% discount off our training courses for all the members of your staff
  • You company’s name and addresses will also be called out regularly in our newsletters and also in our announcements to the community
  • You may participate in our affiliate program offering “special discount or bulk deals” to our membership via blog post and newsletter updates

To learn more about the costs associated with our sponsors drop us a mail. We are also open to provide more tailorised sponsorship options around any specific needs you may have.


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