Top 10 catching my eye from the world of technology, advertising and psychology

Here is some of the latest catching my eye from the world of technology, advertising, social media and recruitment:

  1. Going to be interesting to see how RTE evolve the way they structure advertising
  2. If you haven’t already check out Facebook’s new timeline functionality video  - lot of folk feel this is a huge erosion of their privacy again but by and large Facebook have played another blinder pushing it out to the masses, 4 months after they announced it – i’m looking forward to see how it over time offers more functionality to allow you tell your professional as well as social data in a bit more detail – will be talking more about it at this week’s tuesday Club
  3. If that’s not enough check out about adding apps to your timeline on Facebook, here
  4. I love Cadbury’s chocolate not sure about you but golden crisp is my favourite with a packet of Tayto and a glass of milk! I’m getting hungry now, anyhow, here is the company embracing social media at its best 
  5. John Battelle imagines what life would be life if a Facebook Search engine existed.
  6. Interesting story from Rupert Murdoch’s twitter rant concerning Google and SOPA.
  7. How technology interacts with our body is experiencing some exciting breakthroughs and this decade we’ll see some huge advances, interesting to see Nike already bushing ahead with their new fuel band  here
  8. So errie its true!
  9. Which do you prefer to monitor social media - free tools like  Google Alerts and or paid solutions like uberVu, Radian6, Sysomo
  10. Interesting times at SmartRecruiters   the Mayfield Fund just gave a $5 million boost to fund new development in its SaaS-based free ATS.
Hope you enjoyed the list i’ll be doing more going forward ! Let me know if you want me to add any others for my next one!

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