Who Are We & Stats?

The Irish Recruiters community is made up by a wide variety of people from various different sectors in many different countries.

We have recruitment VPs, recruitment directors, recruitment managers, recruiters, recruitment coordinators,  sourcers, program managers, team leads and graduates. We have founders and owners of agencies. Similarly founders and owners of job boards, sales staff from job boards as well as marketeers. We have professionals who provide contract recruitment legislation and tax services, we have career officers as well as ATS owners, founders, sales directors and technical support.  We have some HR Directors, HR Manager, HR Generalists and HR Administrators. – and that’s not everyone the list constantly changes and more titles are added!

The group has members from the public and private sector as well as quite a number of NGO members which is growing quickly.

You can check out the LinkedIn Groups Analytics in real time, here.

This data will give you a good insight into the demographics, growth and activity statistics. I’ve also included some insight into the number of face to face events we’ve run to date.

  • Over 80% of membership are based in Ireland
  • Over 40% are from the staffing industry and 20% are from human resources
  • 9%+ are directors
  • 4% +VPs
  • New Members last week 21
  • Discussions last week 10
  • Started December 2007
  • 24% participants from HR function
  • 40% of members senior
  • 22 comments last week
  • 16 face to face Tuesday Club events have been run by the group
  • 5 face to face conferences have been run by the group
  • 2 face to face Tweet Ups have also taken place
  • 800+ Followers of Twitter feed


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